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Would you like to learn about robots, 3D printing,
working with an arduino and more? Join the Summer Tech Day.
The Summer Tech Event of Twente!

There are demonstrations, presentations and many possibilities to
get started with technology yourself. You can watch a sumo wrestling
competition of robots, work with the Ozobot of WoWi, join ai
Arduino-workshop, play at the kid's table of Oyfo and visit
the new Thales company museum.

For anyone who is interested in technology and likes to create things,
we are happy to open our doors!

Entrance is free.

During Summer Tech Day Pictures are taken that can be used
for publication. If you do not want this, make this notable to
the Photographer.

Visit is at your own risk and the responsibility for the children lies with the parents.




This day you are the gueast of the PC Gebruikers Groep Thales Hengelo, event organizer and together with the Thales Personeels Vereniging the main sponsor.

After several years of having invited the HCC Robotics as a guest of the Thales PC user group, we have been inspired by the concept Maker Faire/Maker Festival to extend this event with a number of other interest groups such as the HCC 3d and the HCC AI. And from this region we found the TkkrLab willing to participate.

Because at previous events we noticed that our guests not only want to look but also want to do something, so we added a make and do part.

Summer Tech Day 2018 consists of 4 parts:
On the Upper Floor the focus is on showing an informing.
The Ground Floor is a market of doing and making.
In the Basement the exposition of the Thales company museum is open.
Outside the WoWi bus and whe are planning a Drone demontration.

Upper Floor

  • PCGG

    The PC Gebruikers Groep is a subsection of the Thales Personeels Vereniging and aims to help its members with Computer use in general and to organize thematic meetings to disclose and explain new developments. Furthermore, members can borrow appliances that they want to use occasionally and are expensive to purchase, like for example Diascanners and A3 photobook scanner, 3d scanner.
  • HCC!robotica/AI

    The interest group Robotics focuses on the study, development and manufacture of robots in the widest sense. Among robots we mean objects, structures and/or structure, which move independently or perform acts. Each year they hold a competition RoboRama where at RoboSumo is a part of, following a lines trail and a assignment in which robots go looking for empty cans and collect them. The interest group HCC! AI (Artificial intelligence) acts as a platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences with artificial intelligence, especially for non-professional or Semi-professional interested parties.
  • HCC!3D

    3d-printen is on the rise: a printer you buy now for about € 500,-. But what can you do with it? And how do you do it? also brings 3d scanners.
  • Tkkrlab

    The TkkrLab (Tukkerlab) is a space where participants and visitors can (learn to) use our available equipment such as laser cutter, 3d printer and Arduino. By exchanging knowledge and experience in our community, there is always someone who can help you on your way with your creative projects.
  • Projects

    At various locations on the upper floor will be places where projects with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and self-build 3d printers are demonstrated. And there is a place for Sparebots, Youtube movie
  • Films + Presentations

    In this location, a large screen will show consecutive film footage with information from the above mentioned participants:
    • 10:00 Movie Roborama contest HCC Robotica
    • 11:00 Live build FLSUN QQ delta printer
    • 12:00 Movie Sparebots
    • 13:00 IOT by Evert Pap
    • 14:00 3D Printing presentation HCC
  • Demonstrations

    This location will show the HCC Robotica parts of their RoboRama contest.

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Ground Floor

  • PV (Personeels Vereniging) Info stand

    Together with the PCGG the main sponsor of this event
  • Oyfo

    OYFO stands for art, but also for engineering. In museum lessons (through your school!) and at the Doemiddagen in the OYFO technique Museum you can learn and discover everything about technology.
    • Programmable Lego Mindstorms Robots, try to program the robot yourself.
    • DIY tables with kits from Oyfo: tol, brush robot, shake-spiral.
    • VR set
  • TkkrLab

    • Arduino Workshop, learn the principles of the Arduino during this short workshop
    • Kit soldering (sound box), op=op.
  • WoWi

    Outside the bus of WoWi is an initiative of province and libraries, in order to bring technique to the attention of children. Inside they will be present with Ozobots.

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  • Bedrijfsmuseum Thales Hengelo

    has an exhibition space, where various models and components of radar and fire guidance are on display. There is also a film and documentation centre where you can view photos, films and documentation. In addition to the permanent exposition there are showcases, where museum pieces are exhibited. The contents of the display cases change periodically.


  • Part of Haaksbergestraat in front of gebouw-n closed for traffic, pedestrian zone.

  • Info stand at the parking

  • WoWi

  • HCC!Drones

    Flying with drones is a fun hobby. But it's still not that easy to control a drone really well. At HCC! Ddrones you learn to fly (better) with a drone!

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Information for standholders

  • Organisation:

    • Promotion
    • Space, tables, chairs
    • 220V power connection
    • WiFi
    • Coffe/Thee and sandwiches for stand holders
  • Standholdes:

    • Own stand setup and cleanup
    • Extra extention power cords
    • Extra foor and drinks
  • Note: There are no walls available to hang anything.

  • Parking: During build-up next to the building, then to the large parking lot.

  • Day Programme:

    • 08:00 building open for setup
    • 09:30 Welcome meeting upper floor movie theater
    • 10:00 Open for visitors
    • 16:00 Closed for visitors + afbouw
    • 17:30 Closing meeting upper floor movie theater
    • 18:00 Building closed